Marilyn coauthored the first

four editions of

Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools (Merrill/Pearson). Along with more recent editions, these textbooks are sometimes available through online booksellers and E-bay

Marilyn Sue Shank


Marilyn has written a picture book that is being shopped by her agent. She also has plans for another picture book, a middle grade novel, and three YA novels.


Itís about keeping the faith.


Growing up poor in 1953 in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia has never bothered Lydia Hawkins. She treasures her tight-knit family. Thereís her loving Mama, now widowed; her whip-smart younger brother BJ, who has cystic fibrosis; and wise old Gran. But everything falls apart after Gran and BJ die and Mama is jailed unjustly. Suddenly Lydia loses all those dearest to her.


Moving into a coal camp to live with her Uncle William and Aunt Ethel Mae only makes Lydia feel more alone. She is ridiculed by the kids at her new school for her homemade, outgrown clothes and the way she talks, and for what they believe her mama did. To make matters worse, she discovers her uncle is hiding a secretóabout her.


If only Lydia, with her resilient spirit and determination, could find a way to clear her motherís name. . .


Click here for an excerpt, a glossary of Appalachian dialect, more about the artist, Educator's Guide, and deleted scenes.




Tanner Truck and Bella Tree
    Mawmaw went to Heaven, leaving Pawpaw sad and lonely. As Christmas draws near, Pawpaw drives Tanner Truck into the hills to gather Christmas trees. Pawpaw chooses Bella Tree as his special Christmas tree. Watching Bella Tree sparkle makes Pawpaw smile. But when Christmas is over, itís time for Tanner Truck to take Bella Tree away. What will happen to her? And how will Pawpaw keep his recently found smile?
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