Marilyn Sue Shank

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Goldenseal Magazine--folklore, religion, politics, labor, music, arts
Music and Slideshows
My Home Among the Hills
Oh, Those West Virgiinia Hills
Country Roads
My West Virginia Home (historical photos)
Dulcimer Music (courting or double fret dulcimer)
Child in WV Playing Dulcimer
Jaw Harp
Recorder Music
Spoon and Jug Band
Quilting and Sewing
WV Quilt Slideshow
Sunshine Quilts
Memory Quilts
Quilt Patterns
Quilting with Children
Sunbonnet Sue Quilts
Sewing Patterns from 1953
West Virginia Humor--laughing at ourselves 
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Mountain Dialect--glossary and listen to "Old Rattler"
Appalachian Toys and Games
Cecil Craft Shop
How to Make a Whimmy Diddle
Magic of a Whimmy Diddle
Puzzles at Creative Crafthouse
Dancing Man (Limberjack)
Foxfire's Appalachian Toys and Games
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See storyteller Suzi "Mama" Whaples using WV dialect in "The Fair" on YouTube.
Mountain Lit and Life
WV authors
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Kid Zone
WV animals, activities, crafts, coloring pages
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Purchase items from WV artisans and authors online or visit on the WV Turnpike near Beckley
Appalachian culture and dialect 
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WV Division of Culture and History--archives, museum, events 
WV Encyclopedia--A-Z information
WV Travel 4 Kids--facts, geocaching, puzzles, games, hot spots and cool places
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Click WV Web to learn more about tourism opportunities, facts about WV, and info on the 55 counties.
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Wonderful West Virginia Magazine includes beautiful photographs and opportunities for adventure in WV.
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A Collection of stories
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West Virginia Wild and Wonderful---events, culture, history, and tourism information